Your Roof Isn’t the Only Coverage Your Home Needs

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Discover the best insurance for your home today

Discover the best insurance for your home today

Your home is most likely your biggest investment. Shouldn’t your home (and your wallet) be protected in case of a disaster? Capital-Richter Insurance Services offers financial protection against a variety of perils, including flooding, water damage, fire and others. One of our trusted agents will help you find the right coverage at the right price for your home.

Standard home insurance covers the basics: fire, flooding and weather damage. But there are other coverage options available that protect more than your home itself. You can choose coverage for your jewelry, furniture, clothes, electronics and other items if they’re stolen or damaged. Sit down with one of our Germantown agents for home insurance and we’ll:

  • Talk about your home, its location, its characteristics and other details
  • Discuss what you feel like you need (and what you think you can afford)
  • Go over different options from several insurance providers
  • Settle on an option that works best for your home and family

Soon, you’ll have coverage for the place that matters most: your home. Don’t leave your family high and dry when disaster strikes. Contact Capital-Richter Insurance Services right now and start protecting your biggest investment.